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gunions towing.tow411

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Valdez, AK, us
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Have the local family run towing and trucking company in the snow capital of Alaska- Valdez Alaska. Home of the Great 1964 earthquake and the non so proud exxon oil spill. End of the Alyeska Pipeline. Snowfall of 250-500+inches a year. Have a F-650 Ex-Cab 21'bed /4700 19.5'bed /1997 Western Star tandem wrecker with 20 ton Century/F-800 Wrecker/ 1969 KW tandem with modified Military crane wrecker/1 ton 4x4 Weldbilt. Have a trucking company since 1989 and agent for Samson Tug and Barge Company. Own a collection of classic cars and trucks- ranging from a 1929 up to the seventies muscle cars. Classic auto restoration is my love but takes second to family and towing. Still looking for a 1956 Bel Air 2dr HT and a 1932 year automobile. Married with 6 children from newborn to 16our old page with list of some of our classics www.alaska.net/~oldcars/classiccollection.html

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